Video Clips for Marketing

The three clips below are proof of concept videos to show a variety of possibilities with one object, lighting design and motion, editing transitions – and sound design. Each clip is produced to show the possibilities in 10, 15 and 30 seconds. Perfect for social media stories, reels and posts. We can, of course add titles or graphics to the video at the intro, middle or end.

Drill: 10 seconds

The object is on a turntable, with is a one light set up so the product comes out of the darkness into the light. Up tempo drums with a moody stinger give a ‘get the job done’ vibe and with variable speed changes in editing to jar the motion.

Seltzer: 15 seconds

The object is on a turntable, two light set up and on a color background. In editing we used a mirroring effect fro interest (as the product is tall and thin), and a fast, large scale pull zoom for transition and effect.

Phone: 30 seconds

The object is on a turntable, this is a two light set up on a black background, and with very shallow depth of field recording – the object will be sharp focus as it turns into the focal plane. The shots are longer, with cross dissolve transitions.

Coke Bottle: 12 seconds

With this example I wanted to see how the cameras could cope with bright reds, and work with the challenge of highlights that reflect off the glass. Now, I know this is not perfect – any slight exposure or lighting change alters the tones. A good amount of color correction is possible in the video program, and then hopefully color retention with the rendering and exporting. This video uses both the slider and rotation equipment.

British Color Standard

A motion time lapse video showing the candle tray styled in natural light, transitioning to candle light. British Color Standard is giftware product company based in UK, and selling widely in the US. Hence, the spelling of colour (UK), and color (US).  Link below to the website with tons of eco friendly products to color your world.