Cat Poster (signed)
14.5 x 24 silk screen on 140 lb French Paper
Edition of 10

$15 S&H. No refunds. No Returns.

Cat Poster (not signed)
14.5 x 24 silk screen on 140 lb French Paper
Open Edition

$15 S&H. No refunds. No Returns.

These mock ups are from to see how a Cat Poster might look in your home!

Trenton, NJ (2004)

I hadn’t been in the area that long, but on my many visits I noticed the ‘Cat in the window’. There were many of them, and several variations. It was a strange and bittersweet irony seeing a blighted building with plywood sheets over the windows, then painted with window and curtains – always the same green, sometimes with pink curtains and with a black cat, white cat, or flower pot.

I photographed many of them at that time with an early version digital camera. I didn’t know what my intentions were other than documenting. On a studio visit to Philadelphia we had to cut though a poster silk screen shop. Seeing the art posters on the drying racks made me realize the cat in the window could be a poster. Even though the image was an observation of irony to me, I didn’t want it to be read as a criticism of a post industrial city struggling to reinvent itself.

But I was going to make a poster to sell.

Printed at Four Fingers Press, Philadelphia